Women Footballers in Spain Suspend Strike After Breakthrough in Negotiations

?Women footballers in Spain’s top flight have temporarily suspended their strike over minimum pay and rights as a deal with the government appears to be getting closer.

After roughly 13 months of failed talks, almost 200 players representing all 16 Primera Iberdrola clubs voted in favour of going on strike. As a result, all eight fixtures on the weekend were postponed as players refused to take to the field.

However, the Association of Women’s players (AFE) has now provided an update on the situation, revealing, as quoted by BBC Sport: “After the success of the strike, an agreement has been reached to work on the proposal.”

?Sky Sports build on this and claim that the ministry for employment ‘guaranteed’ players a minimum salary of €16,000 per year (£13,700), as well as full-time contracts. Because of this offer, the players have halted the strike and will now work until 20 December. 

“AFE wishes to state that the majority of the players think the offer made by the ministry for employment is positive and our association has told them we are ready to accept it,” the AFE continued.

Prior to this agreement, the president of the players’ union David Aganzo ?stated that 18 meetings were held without a suitable deal being offered and reiterated the importance of footballers having a ‘decent agreement to recognise their labour rights’.

A video was recently published on social media by the AFE supporting the strike, which included Athletic Bilbao’s Ainhoa Tirapu and Silvia Meseguer of ?Atletico Madrid.

Tirapu spoke directly at the camera, saying: We are the same as you, we are workers. It’s the time, the time to make history.”

Despite the events that have unfolded and the length of time that it has taken, it appears as though progress is being made in regard to pay and labour rights. 


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