We Need a Netflix Series of Ronaldinho’s Prison Life Cos He’s Playing Football to Win a Piglet Now

?Police in Paraguay have raided the house of Dalia López, who is accused of providing the fake passports which led to Ronaldinho’s arrest, where they found over 4,000 footballs with the Brazil star’s face on. Alright then. Also, he’s playing football to win a piglet – we will return to this once we’re done with the López bit. 

If you somehow missed this story, ?Ronaldinho was arrested for trying to enter Paraguay with a fake passport earlier in March, despite not actually needing a passport to make the journey in the first place.

He remains in prison while police investigate the source of the passports, and authorities believe that López could be behind it. As noted by ?ABC Color, she is currently on the run, so police took the opportunity to raid her house to try and find some more evidence.

While in the house, police found anywhere between 4,000 and 6,000 footballs with Ronaldinho’s face printed on. Not just any picture of Ronaldinho, but the same picture as on the passport – like she accidentally ordered 5,000 stickers instead of 50 and now she’s making the best of a bad job.

It’s not even a good picture!!!!!!!!!!

“We found objects and documents,” said prosecutor Marcelo Pecci. “We are gathering a lot of evidence that can help with investigations. We are also looking for information with the employees who were at the house.”

While López is out on the run, Ronaldinho looks to be having the time of his life in prison. He has been spotted posing for photos, and ?ABC also note that he’s about to take part in an indoor football tournament in the prison.

Unsurprisingly, everyone in the entire prison is trying to convince him to play for their team, and Ronaldinho is likely desperate to play. The winners get to take home a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime prize. Can you guess what it is?


Anyone? Any guesses?

Did you say a 16kg piglet? Because you read the headline and the lede of this story? 

Yep, Ronaldinho is about to play a football tournament in a Paraguayan prison to try and win a piglet. And if Netflix haven’t commissioned this series already, what are we paying our subscriptions for?

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