Real Madrid Replace Man Utd as Europe’s Most Valuable Club But Premier League Sides Dominate List

?Real Madrid have ended Manchester United’s three-year reign as Europe’s most valuable club, but Premier League sides still make up the vast majority of the top ten.

The Red Devils endured a tumultuous campaign, sacking Jose Mourinho and failing to qualify for the Champions League after finishing sixth in the Premier League.

According to ?KPMG’s European Elite 2019 list, this has seen ?United lose their place as Europe’s most valuable side, with ?Real moving into the ascendancy.

The list takes into account club’s financial reports, as well as profitability, social media popularity and broadcasting revenue, to determine the overall value of Europe’s top sides.

United’s estimated value dropped 1% to €3.207bn, whilst Los Blancos enjoyed a growth of around 10%, thanks to their continued commercial success and sizeable prize bonuses from UEFA competitions.

Real are now valued at approximately €3.224bn, making them just the second team to ever manage an overall value of over €3bn.

?Bayern Munich managed to beat ?Barcelona to third place, but the list then becomes all about the ?Premier League. ?Manchester City came in fifth on the table, beating ?Chelsea, ?Liverpool, ?Arsenal and ?Tottenham Hotspur, who take up the next four spots in the standings.

Rounding out the top ten are ?Juventus, who managed to stay just ahead of French moneybags Paris Saint-Germain, largely thanks to their acquisition of superstar forward ?Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portugal international has brought about an unsurprising boost in commercial revenue, which ensured they remained in the top ten.

Cristiano Ronaldo

You can check out the values of each side in the top ten below, as well as the change in each club’s value from the previous report.

?Team Estimated Value ?Change From Last Year
?Real Madrid €3.224bn? ?+10%
?Manchester United ?€3.207bn ?-1%
?Bayern Munich ?€2.696bn +6%?
?Barcelona ?€2.676bn -4%?
?Manchester City €2.460bn? +14%?
?Chelsea €2.227bn? +26%?
?Liverpool €2.095bn? +33%?
?Arsenal €2.008bn? -4%?
?Tottenham Hotspur €1.679bn? +31%?
?Juventus €1.548bn? +19%?


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