Paul Pogba and Barcelona Pair Star in Cheeky New Lay’s Ad as Champions League Returns

?To celebrate their partnership with the Champions League, crisp brand Lay’s have launched a new international campaign alongside Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba and Lieke Martens.

The ad starts with the a bloke who looks like a mix of Adam Driver and Shia Labeouf opening a not inconsiderable bag of crisps (Lay’s, obviously, that’s the point) in his seat, and every head turning on a swivel towards him. Kind of like the human monster who gets sweets with individual crunchy wrappers for the cinema and only eats them in the quiet dialogue bits. 

[embedded content]

From there, havoc. Obviously. Except instead of all trying to beat the snot out of the lad who’s ruining the quiet bits (i.e. most of) Portrait of a Lady on Fire, they’re all trying to get crisps off this other fella. 

After some pretty steady jogging from Pogba (United fans, quiet down) and a superhero-style jump and landing out of the commentary studio from Mertens, ?Messi drops in from the sky camera to sneak the final crisp ahead of the other two. And yes, they look…………pretty salty about it.

Alongside the advert, Lay’s will also be releasing exclusive ?Champions League-themed packets, with each star set to have their own limited-edition designs.

Messi called it a ‘pleasure’ to be part of the advert, and Pogba added: “I was thrilled to be involved in the Lay’s football campaign for the first time. It’s a fun, upbeat advert, and I love the music that’s playing over it. I even break out in a little dance when I’m the first to get my hands on a chip!”

It’s true. He does. His hair looks magnificent. 

Martens, whose Barcelona side will face off against Atletico Madrid in the quarter-finals of the women’s competition when it returns this month, added: “Filming the Lay’s advert was a great experience. I love Lay’s spirit of fun and joy which I see truly connect to football. I’m excited to be a part of the wider campaign as well and I really hope fans enjoy it.”

Fans can also check out some behind-the-scenes footage and keep up to date with any other releases online using #LaysUnited.

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