Neymar Shakes Hands With David Beckham on Inter Miami Deal…..But He’s Not Going Yet

The January transfer window has come and gone, and rumours surrounding Neymar’s future were unusually scarce. 

But little did we realise, the Paris Saint-Germain forward was about to drop one of the biggest transfer videos since Antoine Griezmann’s ‘The Decision Part II’ was cancelled. 

But who has Neymar agreed to join? I hear you ask. 

Real Madrid? Barcelona? Manchester City? ?

Neymar Jr

Wrong, wrong and wrong again. The superstar has shocked the football world by agreeing a deal to join David Beckham’s Inter Miami…in ten years time. 

That’s right people, no need to panic just yet. Neymar isn’t jetting off to MLS next week, but in a video released on Youtube by ?Otro, the 28-year-old shook hands on a move to Beckham’s American franchise at the end of his career. 

In the opening exchanges, the ?ex-Manchester United star tells Neymar that he’ll make him sign ‘a blank piece of paper’, which will be a ‘contract for Miami’, as the pair laugh at opposite ends of a long table. 

“I’m going to get you to sign a piece of paper after. A blank piece of paper. And it’s going to be a contract for Miami, for ten years time,” Beckham jokes. 

Neymar da Silva

?Neymar chuckles, before saying ‘deal’, and the pair shake hands on this extraordinary agreement. The Brazil star goes on to confess how much he admires his future employer, describing the former midfielder as a ‘great inspiration.’ 

“And I always followed David (Beckham) because of the way he kicked the ball, because of the amazing passes he gave, because of his goals, because of his determination on the pitch.

“I respect you very much because you made your career, and you are still making it, so you are a great inspiration to me.” 

Aww, Sweet.

Not only is Becks an inspiration on the pitch, but Neymar also revealed that the winger was the catalyst behind some of his own recent hair styles, too. I’m not sure if that’s a compliment to David, really. 

Neymar Jr

“I think everything coming from David, I will take and incorporate in me. I copied quite a few of his haircuts!” 

A match made in heaven, it seems. 

So it appears that Neymar will be staying on our European shores for the time being, at least. But I think we can all agree that this is a collaboration we should all get behind.


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