Coutinho To Leicester This Summer?

The rumours for Coutinho’s return to the Premier League will continue to dominate transfer market news when the window is open, due to his unhappy period at Barcelona, and especially down to how loved he was in the Premier League. There have been many clubs that have been interested in Coutinho but nothing of any substance until now, where Leicester City are looking to cancel all rumours and make them a reality this summer but just how will he fit in to the Foxes if this move is pulled off.

[Image: The Sun]

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One of the main reasons why Leicester City might be interested in Coutinho is since there has been a lot of rumours about their midfield trio with them moving to alternative clubs themselves. James Maddison has been rumoured to leave to Arsenal due to Martin Odegaard not being let to leave Real Madrid by new manager Carlo Ancelotti after a successful loan at Arsenal, Youri Tielemans who was Leicester’s player of the year last year has been tipped to move to Liverpool like Wilfred Ndidi and Phillipe Coutinho would be able to replace all three of these if needs be. 

Another reason why Coutinho might be interested in a move to the Foxes would be to link back up with Brendan Rodgers where the two of them went on a title push one season and built a rather good relationship. In fact, Coutinho has said before that he would like to link back with Rodgers at some point in his career due to the repour that they had built during their time together at Liverpool. 

But how is this deal going to happen? This is a question that is on both Barcelona and Leicester fans lips as it seems that this deal is still a very long way off. It seems that Barcelona just wants to get him off the wage bill as quickly as possibly, and it has been suggested that they would accept just €20 million, compared to the €142 they paid for him! The way this deal can be struck will be using a loan deal, as although Leicester can afford the price tag, the wages might be the issue. 

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