Philippe Coutinho Correia is born on 12 June 1992, and is a Brazilian footballer.

He signed the contract with Inter in the summer of 2008 for €3.8m, although he remained on loan at Vasco de Gama until June 2010. He signed the contract with Liverpool FC on January 2013, for €13,7m.

In January 2018, Liverpool confirmed that they’ve sold Coutinho to FC Barcelona. His transfer fee is reported to be £105m, and could rise to £142m if various bonuses have been met.

His height is 1.72m, and he is playing as attacking midfielder. He passed all schools of VdG FC, and is one of the most promising players in Brazilian national team.

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  1. Coutinho keep doin wat u doin because wow u got a huge amount of talent and skills to die for.Do wat u do best and that is to shine bright all da tym

  2. I would never overate players as u can c hw suarez plays gud in other games and in important games like against aston villa he failed to score at home!

  3. liverpool did not play thre best football but they showed a performace of a quality side who wants to be crowned champions…

  4. philippe coutinho played very well on top of the diamond…he passed very well and he can see caps that you watching the on TV!! can see…i jst he is a king when it comes to passing

  5. what makes coutinho also good is not jst his fantastic passes but also his ability to skip away from players even when being in an underpresuring state

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