Antoine Griezmann: Twitter Reacts as Star Announces Decision to Leave Atletico Madrid

?All good things must come to an end. But not only good things, for insufferably long transfer sagas too eventually have a finale. And unlike Game of Thrones this one was wrapped up with minimal plot holes, bloodshed and in just two minutes. 

Antoine Griezmann has released La Decisión 2: Electric Boogaloo revealing his intention to leave Atletico Madrid this summer, with Barcelona, the Ross to his Rachel, now waiting at the airport with €120m in a envelope ready to whisk him off into the sunset…I can’t remember how Friends finished, I’ll be honest.

Anyway, it’s done. It’s all done. Except it isn’t because Griezy Rider still needs to actually sign da ting with Barcelona and God knows how long that will take, but it’s basically done. Now if Hazard and Pogba can just go to Real Madrid and Nicolas Gaitan can join Man Utd (that still a thing?) we’ll have wrapped up the most annoying transfer loose ends before the Nations League gets here.

Here’s what Football Twitter said about ?Griezmann doing a Griezmann.


Never been shy of a bold look has Antoine…

Spare a thought for the forgotten heroes of football…

Stuff the analytical stuff Ryan. Look at his hair! Also, he’s 28 until he’s 29…

??Ok, if we must talk about real stuff…


??A notable omission from the announcement… 

To sum up…??



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