30 Best FUT Icon Cards in FIFA 20

?The best thing about FIFA is playing as your favourite stars. But that’s not just restricted to those still plying their trade in the world’s top leagues. Oh no, you can play with your favourite players from almost every generation of football.

Initially branded as ‘Legends’, for a long time we were restricted to playing as ‘Classic XI’ if we wanted to try our luck with football’s greats from times gone by. But since 2014 we have been able to build our squad around these superstars in FIFA Ultimate Team – the most popular mode on the entire game.

As years have gone by FIFA have introduced a greater number of these former heavyweights, and more recently re-branded the ‘Legends’ as ‘Icons’. This involved the player being given three separate cards with three separate ratings, reflecting various points within their long careers.

FIFA 20 brought us a host of new retired stars including current Manchester City and Real Madrid managers Pep Guardiola and Zinedine Zidane, as well as the exciting Liverpool trio of John Barnes, Ian Rush and King Kenny Dalglish.

As each icon has three ratings, only the highest overall will be included in this list, so let’s get stuck in.

30. Ryan Giggs (92 OVR)

[embedded content]

A prefect example of why Giggs is a FIFA Icon is that 1999 FA Cup semi-final goal against Arsenal. 

However, the Welshman’s trickery and skill has been somewhat undermined by EA, who have given the former Manchester United legend just three-star skill moves and 80 shooting – making his card highly-rated, but not highly-effective.

29. Alessandro Del Piero (92 OVR)

[embedded content]

The 2006 World Cup winner is a ?Juventus legend, and his incredibly successful years in Turin with the Old Lady have earned him his rightful place among FIFA 20’s best icons.

While his 83 pace makes him a little on the slower side of attacking icons, his 92 shooting and five-star weak foot should more than compensate. Not only this, but the Italian boasts 92 dribbling, 89 passing and four-star skill moves, making him pretty much the complete package.

28. Rivaldo (92)

[embedded content]

Luckily for opposition FIFA players, there is no dive button – something that would be potentially lethal if facing off against the 2002 World Cup’s Oscar-winning performer.

Dark arts aside, Rivaldo was an absolute sensation at Barcelona, and for Brazil, and has subsequently been given a mouthwatering left-wing card on FUT. While his 91 shooting and 92 dribbling is tempting, the maestro’s 87 OVR attacking-midfield card is also worth a mention – and comes at a snippet of the price.

27. Luis Figo (92 OVR)

Luis Figo

?Perhaps the only footballer to have ever had a pig’s head catapulted at him (take note Steve Bruce’s cabbage thrower), Figo was one of the trickiest players of all time. 

The former Real Madrid and ?Barcelona star has been blessed with a near unstoppable icon card, which has forced many a rage quit since the game’s release. His 92 pace and dribbling makes the right-winger a defender’s nightmare, especially given how bloody difficult it is to defend on FIFA anyway.

26. Raul (92 OVR)

Andre Arendse,Raul

One word describes Raul better than any other: class. The Spaniard oozed the stuff and his ruthlessness in front of goal made him one of the most prolific attackers the world has ever seen.

His 92 OVR centre-forward icon card is also as prolific as hell, and the possibility of playing the forward as an attacking-midfielder without a position change feels like some sort of code-breaking hack. 

25. Andrea Pirlo

[embedded content]

?From class, to pure class. Andrea Pirlo was simply a magician in the centre of the park, gracefully wandering around the pitch as if this football thing was all a bit too easy, seldom breaking stride.

The only bad thing about the Italian’s icon card is that it only has 95 passing. Honestly, if Pirlo doesn’t have 99 passing, then no one ever should. Regardless, the maestro is blessed with a dynamic and unplayable central-midfield card, that offers just as much quality as the Juventus and Milan star did.

24. Gary Lineker (92 OVR)

[embedded content]

Without wishing to insult the mighty England striker, you can’t help but presume a Leicester or Tottenham fan conjured up Lineker’s icon card. 92? Really?

Despite the fact that none of the striker’s main six stats exceed or match his 92 OVR rating, the former Barcelona forward still makes the cut. Not a very glamorous icon though, it must be said.

23. Kenny Dalglish (92 OVR)

Kenny Dalglish,Ronnie Moran,Roy Evans

Oh King Kenny. The ?Liverpool legend makes his debut in FIFA 20 and he has certainly made one hell of an impact. The Scotsman has 90 pace and dribbling, as well as 92 shooting and five-star weak foot, and his prime icon card has just recently been released into the FUT market. 

Smashed controllers incoming…

22. Javier Zanetti (92 OVR)

[embedded content]

The first defender to make the list is the Inter right-back. Having played for the Serie A side for just shy of 20 years, the Argentine may be one of the few cards capable of handling the overpowered attacking icons in FIFA 20.


86 pace and 90 defending makes the right-back a very difficult man to get past, while his 85 dribbling and 88 passing makes him a threat on the counter-attack.

21. Bobby Moore (92 OVR)


England’s 1966 World Cup legend will always have a special place in our hearts. One of the world’s greatest ever defenders, the centre-back actually finished as runner-up for the Ballon d’Or – a very rare achievement for a stopper.

And there is no way you’re getting past this man in pixel form either. While he isn’t blessed with enormous pace (just 68), Moore’s 93 defending and 85 physical makes him a gargantuan force across any Ultimate Team backline.

?20. Ruud van Nistelrooy (92 OVR)

[embedded content]

The former Real Madrid and ?Man United star is one of the most clinical strikers that European football has ever seen. Three times Champions League top goalscorer between 2001 and 2005, the Dutchman’s proficiency in front of goal is more or less unrivalled.

His icon card isn’t half bad either, but it’s far from worth the approximately £850k you’d have to spend on him. With just three-star weak foot and 86 pace, there are far better value for money options on the market.

19. Dennis Bergkamp (92 OVR)

[embedded content]

The flying Dutchman that had a fear of flying. Unbelievable. As was his ability on the pitch, with his sensational skills and quick-thinking making him one of the most difficult players to face in world football during his time with Arsenal.

Similarly to his compatriot Van Nistelrooy, the insane amount of money you would have to fork out on the centre-forward perhaps doesn’t match his in-game quality, although the 92 OVR attacker still has plenty to offer.

18. Carles Puyol (92 OVR)

Carles Puyol

?Perhaps worthy of buying just for his luscious locks of curly hair, Puyol must be considered amongst the greatest defenders ever. Fact.

The Barcelona legend also has to be the best value defensive icon you can buy, with the Spanish centre-back boasting 94 defending and 90 physical. Simply put, Puyol is an absolute tank.

17. Roberto Baggio (93 OVR)

Roberto Baggio

The hipster’s choice of icon has arrived. The Italian legend is listed as an attacking-midfielder on FIFA 20 at his best, but could easily be converted in to a very effective centre-forward or striker. However, that being said, 92 passing and dribbling makes him more suited to the centre of midfield.

Let’s hope he’s better at penalties now than he was in 1994…

16. Lothar Matthaus (93 OVR)

[embedded content]

Now this is a centre-mid that you want to convert into a striker. 

90 passing, 89 pace and shooting, 85 physical and 82 dribbling makes for an unstoppable centre-forward. The German is just as comfortable in his listed position though, with 90 defending as well, making him the true definition of an all-rounder.

No wonder he costs a little over 2m coins.

15. Ruud Gullit (93 OVR)

Ruud Gullit

Another icon with sensational hair, the former Milan legend was a ferocious and effortless midfielder in his day. One of the main superstars of a golden generation of Dutch footballers, Gullit has to be one of the most sought after icons in FUT.

Listed as a 93 OVR centre-forward, with 91 shooting and passing, as well as 89 dribbling and 90 physical, the Netherlands international offers great versatility in Ultimate Team and can pretty much succeed wherever you put him. 

He won’t come cheap, costing about 5m coins. No wonder he’s seldom seen.

14. Marco van Basten (93 OVR)

Marco van Basten

The scorer of many a spectacular goal, Van Basten is a three-time Ballon d’Or winner that simply took the world by storm. A much-loved favourite at Ajax and ?Milan, the attacker scored 301 goals over his club and international career, including one of the greatest goals of all time during the 1988 European Championships final from an insane angle.

Such quality has been rewarded with 94 shooting and 89 dribbling for his icon card in FIFA 20.

13. Eusebio (93 OVR)

[embedded content]

The Portugal legend starred across the ’60s & ’70s and revolutionised the footballing world. The majority of FIFA players today – with all due respect to the elder generations – will not have witnessed this man’s greatness first hand.

Luckily, EA have your back, and you can step out on to the pitch with Eusebio leading your attacking line. Not a bad player to have either, with 94 pace and shooting, alongside 93 dribbling and 86 passing.

12. Franco Baresi (93 OVR)

[embedded content]

The Italian 1982 World Cup winner played for just one club in his career: Milan. The Rossoneri defender made 719 appearances for the club and is widely considered as one of the best centre-backs to have ever walked the face of the earth.

The defender is also one of the best centre-backs on FIFA 20, boasting the equal best defensive stat of any icon (95). 

11. George Best (93 OVR)

George Best

You may not be shocked to discover that Best is the only Northern Irish icon in the game. The 1968 Ballon d’Or winner remains a Manchester United legend and is acknowledged as one of the first celebrity footballers the United Kingdom ever produced. 

Best’s right-wing icon card is frightening, with 94 dribbling, 93 pace and 91 shooting – a player capable of destroying any FUT defence.

10. Thierry Henry (93 OVR)

[embedded content]

While Republic of Ireland supporters may be more interested in Henry’s FIFA 20 handling stats, we are far more concerned with his attacking potential. Not only does the Frenchman have 94 pace, 91 shooting and 90 dribbling, his 93 OVR prime icon is also listed as a striker. 

No wonder Henry is so highly-rated by EA and ourselves. You simply have to look at his CV, with the forward enjoying success at ?Arsenal, Barcelona and Juventus, and staking his name as one of the most exciting players the modern football world has ever had the pleasure to witness.

9. Carlos Alberto (93 OVR)

[embedded content]

?The Brazil legend is the highest rated full-back icon in FIFA 20. While this doesn’t necessarily mean he is the best right-back ever, it’s a pretty good indicator of just how amazing Alberto was.

90 pace, 90 defending and 87 physical says it all really…

8. Garrincha (94 OVR)

[embedded content]

?A crucial member of Brazil’s 1958 & ’62 World Cup victories, Garrincha has written his name in football folklore with his flair and utterly insane dribbling ability. Spending his entire playing career in South America, Europe rarely got to see the wonders of the right-winger but FIFA has honoured him with a simply irresistible icon card.

Second to only Diego Maradona in dribbling stats, Garrincha’s 94 passing, 90 pace and 87 shooting means he’s able to wreak havoc on even the most competent FIFA player.

7. Paolo Maldini (94 OVR)

[embedded content]

There are just two of Milan legend Maldini’s stats that you need to know:

Pace – 86

Defending – 96

The best defender on the game, comfortably.

6. Johan Cruyff (94 OVR)

[embedded content]

Perhaps the greatest influence on modern football from past generations, Cruyff was simply a joy to watch. Very few players are talented enough to coin their own skill move, but the Dutch attacker sure as hell was, with the former Barca and Ajax great lifting the Ballon d’Or three times.

With 94 dribbling, 92 shooting and 91 pace and passing, alongside five-star weak foot and skill moves, Cruyff is a legend that has the capacity to blow the majority of other icons out the water.

5. Ronaldinho (94 OVR)


The skilful free-kick maestro that would effortlessly drift past a sea of opposition defenders, Ronaldinho was a god among mere mortals. The Brazilian made the impossible possible, and continually pushed football’s boundaries throughout his illustrious career at football’s greatest sides.

His 94 OVR prime icon is fielded as a left-winger with some sensational stats. 95 dribbling, 92 pace and 90 shooting, what more could you want from the South American superstar?

4. Zinedine Zidane (96 OVR)

French midfielder Zinedine Zidane celebr

The current Los Blancos boss is another one of FIFA 20’s new icon additions and has found his way up to fourth in this list already. The 1998 Ballon d’Or winner also won the World Cup the same year and is becoming just as great a manager as he was a midfielder, leading ?Real Madrid to lofty new heights since his appointment (and re-appointment).

The attacking-midfielder is simply an unstoppable force on FIFA 20 too, boasting 96 passing, 95 dribbling and 92 shooting, while his 85 pace makes him just as competent playing up top.

3. Ronaldo (96 OVR)

Ronaldo Nazario - Soccer Player

Level with the current Madrid boss is one of the club’s former greats. El Fenomeno possessed as much power and physicality as he did technical ability and skill – while also owning some rather ridiculous haircuts over the years.

The striker has some of the greatest stats on the game, with 97 pace, as well as 95 shooting and dribbling. The Brazilian simply can’t be defended against, even with the likes of Maldini and Baresi at the back, but will set you back around 7m coins – your best shot of using the legend is in draft mode.

2. Diego Maradona (97 OVR)

Diego Maradona

And the silver goes to…Maradona. 

While he’s hardly the most popular on British soil following his ‘Hand of God’ moment in 1986, there is no doubting that Maradona is one of the most skilful and technically gifted players the world has ever seen. His tree-trunk thighs and wand of a left foot has rightfully earned him the prize of FIFA’s second best icon.

Listed as an attacking-midfielder, but is often seen converted in to a striker, the controversial superstar possesses the best dribbling on the game, as well as 93 shooting, 92 pace and 92 passing.

1. Pele (98 OVR)

[embedded content]

The golden boy who donned the gold of Brazil aptly earns FIFA’s gold as well. Whether or not the attacker will still be at the top of this list when Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo retire is one thing, but for now he has well and truly earned his place as the greatest icon of all time. 

If you face the three-time World Cup winner then you’re best off quitting, as the Brazilian’s 96 dribbling and shooting, teamed with 95 pace and 93 passing, makes the attacking-midfielder simply unplayable. And rightly so.


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