Willians explains little kiss with Coutinho

The weekend of soccer in Brazil was marked, beyond gols, is clearly, for dancinhas of the players of Saints and Palms, in the classic of the Belmiro Village, and for the kiss of a player in the adversary.

In the duel between Vasco and Flamengo, carried through in the Maracanã, the Willians rubro-black, after to commit pênalti in the young cruzmaltino aggressor Philippe Coutinho, already negotiated with the Inter of Milan, in it had doubts: it was until the adversary, who was fallen, lowered e, as form of excuses, gave a kiss in the face.

One day after the departure, Willians explained, in press conference, in the Topsail, the reason of the kiss. “I was worried to have hurt the Philippe. It is a great player, a revelation that comes acting well. Taste and nor I do not have as characteristic to hurt my friends of profession, therefore I gave a little kiss in it,” counted.

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