#SubsForScrubs: Crazy Edits, Good Dogs & a Whole Lot of Money Raised for the NHS

Being stuck without football has proven to be pretty tough, but what the NHS are forced to go through during the current? coronavirus outbreak is infinitely worse, and that’s why we at 90min wanted to do our thing to help.

We brought out the #SubsForScrubs campaign, which challenged fans all over the world to get their kit on and show their support for the healthcare workers in the UK, and the results so far have been unbelievable.

The only rule to this challenge is to show your support and donate whatever you can to our ?Just Giving page, but we will always encourage you to have a little fun in doing it. After all, we’ve all got to try and keep sane right now.

You can do it alone…





You can do it in a team…

You can even do it in a team of your own clones!

But the best thing you can do?

Get your dog involved.

Please. Get your dog involved.

Zac is looking great, but we all have one burning question about that last one.

??Don’t let your inability to dance stop you from getting involved. Just a normal selfie or anything to fly the flag for your favourite team is all we’re looking for.

You can donate pennies, pounds or whatever you want. It’s all going to help those people who are putting their lives at risk to keep this country afloat.




??Remember. There’s no such thing as a poor effort, so keep the posts coming!

We want to see your obscure kits (the weirder the better), creativity and support for a great cause. We all want football back as soon as possible, but there are bigger problems right now.

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