Picking La Liga’s Definitive Five-a-Side Team

What I wouldn’t give to watch a game of five-a-side right now.

The (necessary) break from football has left football fans clamouring worldwide for anything football related. FIFA. Football Manager. Subbuteo. Maybe in your desperation, you’ll rewatch the 2018 World Cup just to remind yourself of the joy (and heartbreak) you felt watching it.

Anyway, let’s say theoretically, that there’s going to be a competition between all of Europe’s top leagues to decide which one reigns supreme. 

Here’s a list of the five players that should be picked for the La Liga team.  

Jan Oblak?

Jan Oblak

A physically imposing ?goalkeeper known for his quick reflexes, there’s little to no chance of your garden variety five-a-side team getting anything past this guy. 

Jan Oblak has been akin to a brick wall in ?Atletico’s goal over the last six seasons, playing a key part in ensuring that Los Rojiblancos retain their defensive reputation. Indeed, Oblak currently holds the record for the least goals conceded in ?La Liga in a season, conceding just 18 times in 38 games during the 2015/16 season. 

Having worked under the intense and demanding Diego Simeone since 2014, Oblak definitely gives ‘I take five-a-side way too seriously’ vibes. In this instance, there really isn’t any other La Liga goalkeeper you’d want protecting your goal. 

Sergio Ramos 

Sergio Ramos

Perhaps one of the greatest defenders of all time, ?Real Madrid’s ?Sergio Ramos has earned a reputation for being an aggressive, strong centre-back, who in addition to these defensive attributes, will guarantee your team an extra five goals a season, at least. 

A pretty competent finisher, it is Ramos’ attacking as well as his defensive ability that makes him perfect for five-a-side, with bags of pace and a good eye for passing. 

You’re also guaranteed, at best, a scrape and at worst, a career-ending injury for one of the opposition players. Ramos is, after all, is the most red-carded player in La Liga history. 

Santi Carzola

Santi Cazorla

A versatile midfielder known for his accurate passing, dribbling and set-piece ability, Santi Cazorla’s renaissance at Villarreal has been wonderful to witness. 

Many thought his career was over after a series of serious injuries at ?Arsenal, but as they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. He returned to the club where he made his name and his spectacular form there has caught the attention, once more, of the Spanish national team.

What this demonstrates is excellent motivation and mental strength. and you’ll know that if you draft Cazorla into your five-a-side team, you’re going to get a brilliant player who will give 110%, even if you are only playing at Romford Goals. 

 Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

A man who needs no introduction, ?Barcelona’s ?Lionel Messi is perhaps the best ever player to grace the beautiful game. An insanely quick dribbler known for his clinical finishing and a good eye for a pass, he should be the first name on any team sheet, let alone one for five-a-side. 

The Argentine has experienced a small decline since entering his thirties, but the fact that he’s still one of the world’s – if not the – best players is a testament to how good the little wizard really is. 

Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez

A divisive figure due to some of the controversial incidents he’s been involved in throughout his career, ?Luis Suarez’s footballing ability is undeniable. 

A prolific striker, mainly thanks to his positioning and finishing ability, Suarez could be the difference between your five-a-side team thrashing your opponent and straight-up humiliating them.

He’ll also give you a bite or two, if you ask really nicely


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