Friday Night TV: 7 Former Footballers We’d Love to See on I’m A Celebrity

?Former Arsenal forward Ian Wright joined the list of former footballers to swap the pitch for the jungle when he entered I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Some of the show’s most memorable moments have come from ex-footballers, and there could be plenty more if the show managed to get the right characters on.

Here are seven former players who we would love to see take their skills to the jungle.

Roy Keane

Roy Keane

The best thing about Roy Keane is his ability to get annoyed by literally everything. A midfielder showing too much flair? Fine them. Refusing to celebrate a goal against a former side? Pathetic.

Imagine his response in any form of Bushtucker trial. You can just picture the former ?Manchester United man starting a fight with a lizard because it got too close to him.

Making Keane spend weeks in the middle of the jungle with a group of other celebrities sounds like the recipe for a good TV show. He’d be clashing with anyone and everyone for his entire time there, and that’s what would make it perfect.?

Peter Crouch

Peter Crouch

?Surviving in the jungle is hard enough for your average person, but finding a space for Peter Crouch and his giant 6’7 frame would be even tougher.

As he his social media accounts have proven, Crouch is one of the funniest former footballers around. Being stuck in such a tough situation would bring out the best of his comedy, and that’s exactly what the show needs.

Plus, he’d practically be a cheat code in Bushtucker trials. You know, ’cause he’s tall.



During his time with the likes of ?Barcelona and ?AC Milan, Rivaldo proved to be one of the most gifted footballers around. However, his time with Brazil at the 2002 World Cup showed that he loves an overreaction.

His infamous dive clutching his face after having the ball gently kicked at his leg marred the entire tournament, but it would make for fantastic viewing in the jungle. How would he respond to actually getting hit in the face by rats, spiders or snakes?

Some of the most famous moments on the show are contestants’ reactions to fear, and Rivaldo knows how to overreact like a professional. ?

Diego Maradona

Diego Armando Maradona

Has Diego Maradona ever done anything that hasn’t been entertaining in some way?

The ?Napoli legend just knows how to entertain. He seemingly has no internal censor, which means he has no problem insulting anyone he crosses paths with, and he is not afraid to say how he is really feeling.

He recently led his team on ?a pitch-side throne – the team which he left and rejoined this week – which is nothing like the hammock he would have to deal with in the jungle.

Patrice Evra

Swansea City v West Ham United - Premier League

Since retiring, former United and ?West Ham left-back Patrice Evra has built up a huge social media following, and that’s largely because it looks like he’s gone a little bit…wonky.

Whether he’s massaging a raw chicken, kissing a monkey or just screaming “I LOVE THIS GAME” every second of every day, the Frenchman knows how to entertain.

You never know what you’re going to get from Evra, which makes him the kind of person viewers should want to see in the jungle.?

Gary Neville & Jamie Carragher

Jamie Carragher,Gary Neville

These two have to go on as a duo. The punditry partnership of Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher has been fantastic to watch, and that’s largely because the two can’t resist making fun of each other.

They may be able to work together to dissect some football highlights, but could they team up in the jungle? Or would they rather see the other fall into a freezing cold river? Maybe trap them in a cave full of bugs?

They’d get the job done, but they’d make sure to terrorise each other as much as possible in the process. The dream.

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