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Ricardo Mota

While the day of the farewell for the Inter of Milan does not arrive, Philippe Coutinho evolves and if it becomes one of the main players of the Vasco, mainly when Carlos Alberto is of is. It was thus, one more time, in the victory for 2 the 1 on the Round Return, sunday. Between them you dribble and the Italian lessons, attacking listening advice of the players most experienced.

“In 2009, if it listened to the voice of it little, it looked more to listen of what to speak. Now, he is freer, without fear to miss and to try a play”, said the goleiro Fernando Prass, who sees similarity between the aggressor and Ronaldinho.

“The Philippe is an introverted boy tranquilo and. But it has personality and it knows its quality. I had the chance to play with the Ronaldinho in the Bosom (1997/1998) and find that they sufficiently are seemed”.

Coutinho says that its life little moved since that it started if to detach in the professionals. “I live in the Rock and there it knows me to everybody. I have my friends of infancy and I continue to make the same things. I come to the trainings, I come back toward house. I am one face sufficient tranquilo”, it said the player, who started to use alliance, but is not fiancé. “A commitment Is alone”.

Newness exactly alone the Italian lessons, who started to make not to make ugly when to arrive at Italy. “I am learning to the few. I only know the basic one”, affirmed Coutinho, that risked a “good day” in Italian.

Carlos Alberto is doubt

Philippe Coutinho could one more time be the main player of the Vasco, ahead of the Bangu, Wednesday, to 19h30, in the Engenhão. Carlos Alberto still feels pains in the right foot and Vagner Mancini intends to give more time of recovery for the player, who did not train in the monday with the players who had not participated of the departure against the Round Return.

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