10 of the Best #10toqueschallenge Attempts by Professional Footballers – Ranked

As football across the globe grinds to a halt, many people have realised what a pivotal role a game of 22 players chasing a ball around a field has in their life. ?

None more so than the footballers themselves. 

After spending the majority of your life training your body through rigorous drills and routines almost every day of the week, being housebound is a particularly testing challenge for elite athletes. 

With just one ?football-less w?eek?end ticked off – and potentially many more to follow – players across the world have combatted boredom in a number of ways, be it time with the family, FIFA or a ?virtual Grand Prix. 

However, one particular past time which has caught footballers’ attention is the #10toqueschallenge (10 touch challenge) where you attempt ten keepy-uppies with a roll of the increasingly in-demand toilet paper. 

So, in the absence of skills on the pitch, let’s see some of the best attempts at the challenge past and present professionals have deemed worthy of sharing…

10. Àngel Di María

Normally a very silky player on the pitch and never afraid of an unnecessary rabona, Di María has produced an underwhelming entry where he completes the challenge, but with little confidence or flair. 

Even as he catches the bog-roll he can only muster a limp thumbs-up in front of what appears to be a poster of himself in what one can only assume is his own home. Interesting decor for a by-the-numbers entry. 

9. Lauren

?Arsenal’s right-back during their ‘Invincible’ campaign delivers an attempt which is perfectly in keeping ?with his position, as completes 15 keepy-uppies by contorting his body so as to exclusively use his right foot. 

8. Francesco Totti

As he did throughout his 25-year career, Totti conducts himself with unparalleled grace in his attempt. 

The 43-year-old nonchalantly knocked out the required kicks with little fuss in a pair of trainers a shade of orange only Totti could get away with at his age. 

7. Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos, a player despised or envied by the majority of fans other than those of a ?Real Madrid persuasion (and perhaps not even them at times) released an attempt which not only showed his toilet roll control but his incredibly uncomfortable dancing ability (or lack thereof). 

6. Bruno Fernandes

Ever the club ambassador, Bruno Fernandes was keen to ensure he completed his attempt in ?Manchester United shorts. Perhaps to prevent pessimistic United fans that his emphatic six-week spell in a red shirt was not some sort of dream induced by the club’s poor form prior to his arrival.

5. Xavi

It seems odd to watch Xavi, an instrumental figure at the heart of ?Barcelona’s midfield during the most successful period in their history, be in contact with a vaguely round object and not pass it to a teammate. He may have felt the same as he ends his entry by volleying the toilet roll out of shot, presumably to Andrés? Iniesta standing behind the camera. 

4. Cesc Fàbregas

Now this is where things start to crank up a notch. Fàbregas? not only incorporates an around-the-world but more impressively starts his set after the roll has been launched at home from the giggling camera operator. Good to see the former Arsenal midfielder has still got some skills, even if he has more red cards than goals for Monaco this season… 

3. Riqui Puig

The Barcelona academy graduate eases his way onto the podium with an effortless display including two around-the-worlds. Puig also catches the roll before giving a slightly unnerving ?glance to the camera as he walks out of shot, toilet paper firmly in hand. 

2. Brahim Díaz

The former ?Manchester City starlet has found playing time hard to come by since Real Madrid paid more than £15m for his signature in January 2019. However, if he can translate these toilet roll talents to the football pitch, it’s only a matter of time before he’s ousting those ahead of him in the pecking order. 

1. ?Nani

Nani has taken this challenge one step further. Not only does he incorporate an around-the-world and backheel, he also ropes in his son (who appears to have opted for Pikachu slippers as his footwear of choice) and even edits in comic book-esque neon outlines. 

Had the former Manchester United winger not missed his son’s return pass, this would have been a perfect entry. As it is…9.5!


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